The darknet was originally created hidden and anonymous so that no one could censor it or restrict the activities of participants.

However, anonymity is not always achieved. Moreover, law enforcement agencies are trying to deanonymize not individual users, but entire servers on which they communicate. In January 2021, Germany announced the liquidation of the world’s largest trading platform in the DarkMarket, on which over 500,000 people were registered. Stolen credit cards, counterfeit money and SIM cards were sold and bought there. The authorities have confiscated more than 20,000 servers in Moldova and Ukraine.


In addition to the visible Internet (all the usual sites) and the Darknet, the deep Internet is also distinguished in the World Wide Web. It, like the Darknet, is hidden from search engines, but does not require a special browser to access. These are closed databases, internal websites for employees (intranet), a significant part of paid content. To access these resources, you need a username, password and a valid permission or subscription.


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