What is a darknet, how to get there and why not do it

Superficial, or visible. This includes public, open web resources. That is, any sites that can be visited by a standard link and found in search engines.

Deep. Includes content that does not get into search engines. The contents of private cloud storage, corporate networks and various closed databases are all deep Internet. Most often, access to such resources is protected by a login and password.

Dark, darknet.

This is the collective name of computer networks designed for the anonymous transmission of information. There are also services for trading, communication and content exchange, but they cannot be opened through a standard browser or found in a regular search engine.

The architecture of hidden networks prevents surveillance of users and control over the transmission of information. Therefore, the darknet can be both a tool against censorship and a screen for crimes.

In Russia, as in most other countries, it is allowed to use hidden networks. But many activities taking place on the darknet are banned. After the appearance of bitcoin, which allows you to transfer money anonymously, the hidden Internet turned into a virtual black market. In addition to legal sites, the darknet is flooded with sites where they sell child pornography, stolen data, drugs, weapons and other illegal goods.


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